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General Conditions of Sale

01. Premises
02. Customer
03. Responsibilities
04. Technical Information
05. Orders
06. Prices
07. Product Availability
08. Consignment and Delivery
09. Risk and Ownership
10. Payments
11. Right to Cancel Orders
12. Returns
13. Warranties
14. Controversies
15. Conditions

1. Premises.

Commercial relations between Elmat S.p.A. and customers shall be subject to the following General Conditions of Sale, thereby excluding any other agreements not made in writing; any customers making online orders also expressly accept the following conditions.

2. Customer.

An Elmat customer is anyone responsible for retailing hardware and software, system integrators and software houses, installing cables and any other authorized subject according to current trading laws who is registered to retail and assemble electrical and electronic material, software and hardware with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Arts and Crafts.

3. Responsibilities

Elmat S.p.A. may not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage or loss deriving from merchandise that fails to comply with the technical requirements and quality standards published on website, as these are directly provided by manufacturer, and/or product withdrawal or replacement by manufacturer, if applicable.

4. Technical Information.

Technical Information provided at derives from information published by product manufacturer in relative catalogue. Elmat S.p.A. therefore hereby undertakes to update information of a technical nature and concerning the sizes of catalogue products according to the information provided by manufacturers, including without any previous notice.

5. Orders.

Solely orders made in writing via fax or website shall be accepted. Customers sending written orders shall receive relative confirmation via fax and may check the status of an order in the reserved section of the “Orders” section at Customers making online orders shall receive an email confirming order entry and acceptance and indicating relative Order Confirmation Number at the end of the input procedure. Elmat S.p.A. shall under no circumstances take responsibility for accepting and fulfilling orders received from unauthorized personnel.
Written orders must total at least EUR 150.00 (excluding VAT) and EUR 50.00 (excluding VAT) when made online at . Orders of a lower amount shall be charged EUR 10 (excluding VAT) in processing costs.

6. Prices.

All prices illustrated on the website are provided excluding VAT. Prices and discounts may be subjected to change without prior notice at any time and are under no circumstances a commitment. Prices are shown ex Elmat warehouse, in Euro currency.

7. Product Availability.

The Products section at illustrates the stocks available at the Elmat warehouse, which is updated every 30 minutes between 08.30 am and 6.00 pm. As online access and orders change product availability in real time, Elmat S.p.A. cannot guarantee assignment of ordered goods until customer receives a confirmation email.

8. Consignment and Delivery.

Unless otherwise agreed, consignments shall be made using couriers selected by Elmat S.p.A.. In this case and solely when delivery costs are charged (postage charged on invoice), goods are the responsibility of Elmat S.p.A. In the event of loss or theft, Elmat S.p.A. undertakes to replace missing goods with a new and identical product or, if no longer available, a product with similar technical features and similar value and customer shall be entitled to accept replacement product or require a credit note.
In the event that delivery is carried out using a courier selected by customer (delivery to assigned port), Elmat S.p.A. may under no circumstances be held won’t be responsible for theft/loss/damage of goods from the moment such are consigned to courier selected by customer at the Elmat warehouse.
Delivery times are provided as an indication and may be subject to change due to force majeure, road conditions or Provisions by the Public Authorities. Unless otherwise agreed by Parties in writing, deliveries shall be made on the ground floor and during office hours (8.30 am - 12.30 pm; 2.00 pm - 6.00 pm) on working days. Requests for deliveries involving additional and exceptional services (deliveries to other floors, using hydraulic tailgates, etc.) shall be specified at time of ordering and subsequently agreed. In the event that customer wishes to personally pick up items, warehouse opening times are as follows: 8.00 am -10.30 am and 3.00 pm - 5.00 pm.

9. Risk and Ownership.

Customer is required to check that packages are integral and that quantities and quality comply with that set forth in the Transport Document on receiving goods.
In the event of discrepancy, customer shall note such on the aforementioned Transportation Document (acceptance of goods with entitlement to carry out thorough check), expressly indicating the nature and extent of discrepancy and notifying Elmat S.p.a. of such within 7 (seven) days via fax at +39 049/76.18.00. Said obligation is essential in the event of delivery of racks and shall also apply to any deliveries made directly to end customer. Customer shall take full responsibility for all such statements.
In the event of hidden damage, product shall however be checked within seven days after receipt and any hidden damage shall be notified in writing via fax or registered letter. Elmat S.p.A. may not take any action against courier for complaints received after the aforementioned terms and relative goods shall therefore no claims for replacement or reintegration at the expense of Elmat S.p.A. shall be taken into consideration.

10. Payments.

All goods shall be paid via advance bank transfer, unless otherwise agreed in writing with Elmat S.p.A. The bank coordinates for making payments via bank transfer in Euro currency are as follows:

Filiale di Corso Stati Uniti (PD) 
IBAN: IT 41 M 02008 12102 000023234014 

Filiale di Roncaglia-P.S.Nicolò (PD) 
IBAN: IT 15 M 01030 62770 000001483552 

The bank coordinates for making payments via bank transfer in USD currency are as follows:

IBAN: IT 46 S 02008 12102 000008684744

IBAN: IT 77 M 05728 12102 ES0533034401

Payments by instalment shall be granted at the discretion of the Administration Department further to examination of documentation provided by customer (details of Company registration with Chamber of Commerce and latest approved Profit and Loss Statement).
Elmat S.p.A. reserves the undisputable right to consign goods – including after accepting relative order – to customers that have exceeded their overdraft limit or with accounts frozen due to outstanding accounts or frozen due to controversy.
In the event of delays in settling invoices, Elmat S.p.A. reserves the right to charge interest to the effects and purposes of Italian Legislative Decree 231/2002.

11. Right to Cancel Orders.

Customers are entitled to request cancellation of orders; Elmat S.p.a. shall however reserve the right to accept such cancellations. Requests for cancellation shall be made in writing and prior to fulfilment and however no later than 24 hours after receipt of order confirmation.
Orders for which Elmat S.p.A. has made an order from suppliers who do not accept cancellation shall however not be cancelled.

12. Returns.

Goods may only be returned to Elmat S.p.A. once a specific “RMA” form has been completely filled in, indicating the reason for return and quoting relative invoice and Transport Document numbers. Goods may only be returned further to authorization and assignment of an “RMA” number by Elmat, which shall be expressly quoted in the return Transport Document.
Goods shall be returned in perfect condition, in original packaging and postage paid to our warehouse. Any goods returned without specific authorization shall be returned to sender with postage paid by receiver. Goods shall be sent to Elmat S.p.A. no later than 30 days after the date on relative Returns Form.
Returned goods may be subject to devaluation in the following cases:
I. mistaken order by Customer: 15% of value, however no lower than EUR 30.
II. imperfect packaging: 15%, however no lower than EUR 30.
III. goods returned to Elmat warehouse after terms of “RMA” validity (30 days): 15% however no lower than EUR 30.
IV. Reel replacement: devaluation according to current ANIE regulations, in other words:

up to 6 months - 10%

over 6 and up to 12 months - 30%

over 12 and up to 18 months - 60%

over 18 and up to 24 months - 90%

over 24 months - 100%

13. Warranties.

Elmat S.p.a. warrants all products against faulty raw materials and manufacturing faults that make products unfit for the use for which they are made for 12 (twelve) months commencing on the date that products are consigned by Elmat.
Elmat warranty is indisputably limited to repairing, replacing or reducing the price of a product that Elmat S.p.A. Customer Service Department acknowledges to be faulty, taking into account the purpose which it was used. In the event that any product is found to be compliant and/or not faulty, a fee of EUR 30 (thirty) plus VAT shall be charged for laboratory costs for each working product (a working product also means a product merely requiring update and/or upload of firmware).
Without prejudice to that established in current laws, Elmat S.p.A.’s responsibility is limited to that set forth in these General Conditions or any special conditions agreed in writing. Materials or part thereof subject to standard war and tear, such as rubber washers or similar items and consumables, are not covered by the Warranty as they are guaranteed to be working on acceptance of product and may therefore only be returned in the event of serious fault within 15 (fifteen) days after delivery to Customer. Warranty does not cover any damaged caused by Customer or other party due to negligence and/or inexperience and damage caused during transportation.
Customer shall however forfeit the right to Warranty in the event that he/she changes, disassembles or tampers with products unless otherwise authorized in writing by Elmat S.p.A. Customer shall pay all delivery costs for faulty products, while Elmat S.p.A. shall pay all delivery costs for repaired products.
Products consigned once the terms of warranty have expired or with faults that have caused forfeit to the right to warranty shall be repaired by Elmat Customer Service further to acceptance of an estimate of relative costs by Customer.

14. Controversies.

The Court of Padua shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising.
The Italian Civil Code shall apply for anything not established in these General Conditions.

15. Conditions.

The conditions established in this document may be modified without prior warning and shall become effective on the date of publication at .
Customers confirm that they have expressly read all that set forth in Articles 1 to 15 above.

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