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Smart Ecosystem

Smart Ecosystem
Smart city is the new concept of network that is changing, that modifies the world that surrounds us, so as put in relation the materials infrastructures of the cities "with the human, intellectual, social capital of those who live there" thanks to the widespread use of the new smart technologies, to mobility, to the environment, and to the energy efficiency, that turn our cities in interactive and smart places to improve the quality of life and to satisfy the needs of citizen, companies and institutions.




CHeckME was founded in 2016 as an innovative start-up, backed by the founders' and staff's twenty years of experience and expertise gained in the areas of maintenance, services and the Internet world. Following two years of research and development, CHeckME approaches the market as a flexible and innovative SaaS system, able to provide its customers with unique, cutting edge solutions.





Bandwich offers a state-of-the-art sensor system that is extremely reliable to allow for constant monitoring of city infrastructure, private and commercial buildings, and production chains. It is applicable to a wide range of application ranges from large industry to farm to ensure total safety, better control and increased performance.



Smart Pole

Smart Pole

The TECHNIC product aims to become a practical, functional and suitable for any architectural reality . Choosing a study in particolarei minimum minimal design has made it easy both transport and assembly, thus ensuring short time at each stage of the process .


ELMAT Spa, has been established in 1997,value-added distributor products for local and wide area networks. Elmat ispresent on the Video, Voice, Cabling, Networking, Wireless, Security and Audio/Video Conference markets. The European market is developed today by a structured and trustable B2B Portal


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