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Entrade S.r.l. borns as a company specialized in the manufacturing , distribution and wholesale of a big solutions range for the protection of the electrical anomalies and innovative informatic systems based on Open-source software.


UPS Gruppi di Continuità


The UPS are the ideal solution for who want to protect own Personal Computer or Data Center from surges and sudden blackout.

Stabilizzatori di Tensione

Voltage stabilizers

The electronic stabilizers are based on the electronic switching. When changes the voltage in the network, a control board recovers the output voltage through a transformer. The system allows to obtain a stable voltage with high speed of restore, without micro-break.

Condizionatori di Rete

Network Conditioners

The Network Conditioners with adjustment, are particularly suitable for all electronics equipment that needing of the maximum protection.



The Rescuers are an automatic system of emergency power or chargers with DC + AC output, control with microprocessor.

Inverter DC/AC

Inverter DC/AC

The Inverters are suitable for any users used as a safety, such as motors, anti-flooding pumps, smoke extraction, but expecially for any type of illumination, incandescence, fluorescence, or through electronic lamps.

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Apc | Volta Electronics

ELMAT Spa, has been established in 1997,value-added distributor products for local and wide area networks. Elmat ispresent on the Video, Voice, Cabling, Networking, Wireless, Security and Audio/Video Conference markets. The European market is developed today by a structured and trustable B2B Portal


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