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CHeckME was founded in 2016 as an innovative start-up, backed by the founders' and staff's twenty years of experience and expertise gained in the areas of maintenance, services and the Internet world. Following two years of research and development, CHeckME approaches the market as a flexible and innovative SaaS system, able to provide its customers with unique, cutting edge solutions.

    Building Automation



TAGs are NFC microcircuits that can be inserted in various physical media such as: adhesives, paper, ceramics, plastic, etc.

These devices work with radio frequency technology and, suitably programmed, can satisfy a large variety of applications and uses.

Each TAG we manage is unique and can neither be forged or duplicated.


Management Software

CHeckME is a simple, versatile, secure, scalable and economical offer in SaaS mode: a monitoring and management system that can provide the user with countless application fields.


Tools for operators

The system consists of back-end software based on web technology and designed to be tailored to the customer's requirements, along with a front-end app that can be installed on smartphones and tablets, able to perform all the functions and pre-set actions for individual users.

The interaction between the back-end and front-end systems make it perfectly safe, and the activities of the various operators are not modifiable.

ELMAT Spa, has been established in 1997,value-added distributor products for local and wide area networks. Elmat ispresent on the Video, Voice, Cabling, Networking, Wireless, Security and Audio/Video Conference markets. The European market is developed today by a structured and trustable B2B Portal


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